MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 16

Daldur's Branding

Ingame Date: 3/9/0530 – 4/9/0530



Items Gained

Session Summary

  • The party awaken and head upstairs; they wait around for a while, seeing that nobody is up they head upstairs. Khavi places her ears against the professor’s bedroom door and listens in. Inside she can hear two people snoring, one is clearly the professors, the other is soft and feminine. She then listens into the Nathaniel’s room, where she can here him shivering and muttering to himself. Nathaniel wakes and comes out of his room, he looks like he hasn’t slept but tells them that he’ll wake the professor in a minute and that they should head back downstairs
  • Edran, using his unprecedented manners, barges into the professor’s room to see the professor leant up against the backboard of the bed fast alseep; Anguish is sprawled out on the floor of the room in a pile of broken glass and glittery silver liquid. Nathaniel sees this and comes rushing inside, casting Dispell Magic on the professor to wake him. The professor slowly comes to, looking around to see Anguish on the floor he goes deathly pale and tells them all to leave.
  • (Anguish Only) Anguish wakes on the floor of the professor’s room, she vaguely remembers a scream of pain, Dalen Ironbrand, and the name Lily from the previous night, but that’s about it; she is almost immediately sick. She and the professor talk for a few minutes, he thanks he before ushering her downstairs.
  • The party have their breakfast (minus Anguish who went straight downstairs) in relative silence, the professor looks less tired than on the previous day, but Nathaniel looks awful, his eyes are sunken into his head and he is visually shaking; Myri asks whether he’s ok, he says that he’d fine but it’s beyond obvious that he’s lying.
  • Later on the others can hear Anguish hitting things and yelling downstairs. They all go to investigate, finding Anguish trying to break her staff in a state of fury. Khavi enters and Anguish throws the staff at her, missing horribly, before slamming the door in her face. Edran then enters on his own, narrowly dodging a swing to the head; the staff snaps in two on the door-frame. Anguish quickly grabs both ends before rushing back inside, pushing the desk against the door to barricade herself inside.
  • Khavi goes out to forage for alchemy supplies, whilst Myri stays at the workshop and reads a book on Transmutational magic. Edran goes out to find some cartographer’s tools where upon he meets a man named Malgrum Hjoldain; the owner of Hjoldain Shipping and Receiving. He manages to haggle the price of his cartographer’s tools down to 10 gold on the promise that Edran would bring Malgrum any oddities or gems he should find.
  • Whilst Myri is reading she hears Anguish burst out of her room and collapse on the floor; she rushes to help, finding Anguish on her hands and knees outside her room, clasping her throat as blood pours onto the floor. Myri casts Cure Wounds and seals the hole. Myri questions Anguish on why she did it, Anguish tells her it was an accident.
  • The party return home for a quiet dinner before going to bed
  • The party awaken to the sound of movement outside, many people are moving throughout the streets. They finish breakfast and go to investigate, Nathaniel going ahead of them.
  • They arrive to see Dalen Ironbrand stood atop a podium, much like how Anguish had seen him weeks before. He tells the crowd how Lord Daldur had died during the night and how he would be taking his place. He then begins to target many people within the city, including Uruk and the party. They quickly leave the crowd, all going in different direction.
  • (Edran Only) Edran climbs up to a rooftop and shrouds himself in shadow has he runs off towards The Hovel, bouncing from roof to roof as he does. He arrives at The Hovel within the hour and rushes down to see the King of Beggars to tell him of Daldur’s demise. The King already knows but thanks Edran for the information nonetheless.
  • Khavi and Anguish return to the professor and tell him of what’s happened, the professor immediately begins to pack his bags and prepares to leave at a moment’s notice. He asks the two to go out and find Nathaniel. After an hour of moving around the city they return to find that Nathaniel had returned before them.
  • (Myri Only) Myri goes back to Dalen Ironbrand’s mansion where she confronts him again; threatening him. Dalen just brushes off her threats, telling her that before long, all those who would oppose him will end up in his dungeon.
  • They eventually regroup back at the professor’s workshop and help him pack his things; will be ready to leave within a few days. They then all go to bed.



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