Professor Tiberius Uruk

A bumbling, half orc wizard with a heart of gold; he specializes with Transmutation magic



  • Half-Orc
  • Middle Aged
  • 7‘4"
  • Chin length black hair in ponytail
  • Green Coloured Skin
  • Short beard and sideburns
  • Round rimmed glasses


  • Polite
  • Absent Minded
  • Articulate

Party Relationship


  • Is very adept in Transmutation magics
  • Has a lot of Skeletons in his closet
  • Has been training Nathaniel Kingston for many years

(Anguish Only)

  • Father was an Orc captive, Mother was a human scholar in Cragmire
  • Father was killed long before Uruk’s birth, his mother fled south to Zhodon where he was born
  • Uruk’s mother was killed by a mob when he was 10, he fled to Daldur where he met Gezeer Faeylar who trained him as an apprentice
  • Uruk later took over the Daldur workshop after his apprenticeship was over; Faeylar then returned to Sky Haeven
  • At one point, Uruk was engaged to a human woman named Lily; she was killed by someone hired by Dalen Ironbrand

Professor Tiberius Uruk

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