Dalen Ironbrand

The racist, hateful leader of the Ironbrand family and to-be temporary Lord of Daldur



  • Dwarf
  • 4’11"
  • Middle Aged
  • Long Hair, Golden Beard


  • Loud
  • Quick-Tempered
  • Racist

Party Relationship


  • Head of the Ironbrand family
  • Owns pretty much everything in Daldur
  • Hates Orcs & Half-Orcs; Uruk especially
  • His son has recently died; his wife is distraught
  • According to his brother Hjolnar, Dalen killed is own father
  • Stole Professor Tiberius Uruk’s journal
  • Dalen probably didn’t know knew it was them
  • When Lord Belrak Daldur passes away, since his son Brandir is much too young to take the throne as lord, Dalen will be temporarily taking his place

Dalen Ironbrand

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