A Tall Tiefling woman with golden eyes, dark red hair and a past seemingly revolving around her homeland Alucard



  • Tiefling
  • 24
  • 6‘2“
  • Long Dark Red Hair – Cornrows
  • Maroon Colored Skin
  • Solid Gold Eyes


  • Distrusting
  • Rude
  • Has sudden child-like moments
  • Paranoid

Party Relationship


  • Very secretive of her past
  • Overly wary of everything, especially other Tieflings
  • Her staff is made of bloodwood and has a small crystal set into the top, which is designed to look like a spiral of sorts
  • Seems to enjoy baking
  • Will drink a lot of alcohol if allowed
  • Has a mouse called Zarzire
  • Apparently she hasn’t eaten at a proper dining table in 16 years
  • She is from Halland in Alucard
  • (Khavi Only) Could have some kind of connection to Nathaniel
  • (Xaxi Only) Anguish has an abusive brother that she doesn’t see anymore. Her parents were burnt alive by Catfolk (hence her distrust for Khavi). However she doesn’t know why she left Alucard.


You will receive true predictions, involving a retired individual; something will have to be set right before luck can turn.
Then two unlikely things will join together, perhaps involving someone who should not be here, this will create recurring trouble
Then things long feared will come to pass when the scarred one arrives and sins will be punished.


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