MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 9

Contractors, Stalkers and Travellers

Ingame Date: 7/8/0530 – 8/8/0530



Items Gained

  • Bag of Holding
  • Boundless Quiver
  • Brooch of Shielding
  • Silver Raven
  • Staff of the Python

Session Summary

  • Party accends from the crypts to find Father Morona waiting for them; he thanks the party for their assistance and gives them all 200gp
  • Xaxi and Anguish notice that when he bows, they can see that his eyes are a pure, electric blue, no pupil, just blue. Anguish looks for signs of him being a tiefling whilst Xaxi suddenly realises that he could quite possibly be an Eladrin; the purest of elves, rarely leave the feywild, let alone coming out of Uparia.
  • They leave the temple of nevthar, Khavi and Anguish return to the Professor’s Workshop whilst Xaxi and Myri go to the barracks to speak to Bakham
  • Khavi goes downstairs to sleep whilst Anguish begins browsing books
  • (Anguish Only) Nathaniel approaches Anguish and begins to ask her about her nightmares, telling her that he’s been having nightmares since he was young and that he know the Professor has told her things but he doesn’t know what because “the professor is a very bad liar”. She tells him that she’s from Sloporf forest and she was there for a few years but she doesn’t remember how many, he then asks whether she has any friends or family; she quickly says she doesn’t He then asks what he looked like in the nightmare, she says she looked live a horned devil with wings, he says this is about on par with the usual. He then asks whether there were any notable markings anywhere; she mentions the drawing and reveals that it was Queen Dodoris, someone who “causes a lot of pain for a lot of people”
  • Myri and Xaxi arrive at the barracks and see Bakham; he thanks them for their help around town and gives them 1000gp to share between them. He then asks all of them to come to the town hall at 8pm as the lord has a proposition for them
  • They return to the professor’s workshop and Myri enters Khavi‘s room to see that her room is full of alchemical tools and is a mess; she doesn’t notice Myri entering. Myri gives Khavi her money and proceeds to ask her about the drawing of a flower on her wall. Khavi explains that it is some kind of legendary alchemical ingredient that she has spent the past several years of her life trying to find. She then tells Khavi that they’re going to meet the lord at 8:00pm. Xaxi also tell Anguish about this upstairs too.
  • They eat dinner; the professor is very quiet
  • The party visits the town hall; inside is Lord Daldur sitting in a chair/throne, to his left is Bakham with his hands behind his back; they approach and Daldur thanks them for their warning of the orcs and their assistance within the town. He asks he they will assist Fador once more; a mousefolk woman approaches and places a table, whilst a butler with an amazing pencil brush moustache places a piece of parchment, a bottle of ink and a quil.
  • The contract effectively states that the party would become agents of Fador until either the end of the year or until the lord dies. The party will receive 450gp per month + extra if they do additional tasks
  • After they’ve signed the contract, Lord Dadur then begins to detail their first assignment; they’re to go north and deliver a message to Skymaster Alforok at Dher Moldir; the headquarters of the Wyvern Riders, apparently the road is quite dangerous with bandits and beasts. He is sending them instead of guards as not to raise too much of an alarm with the already scared citizens of Fador.
  • They’re given their monthly 450gp and sent off to go and rest; they are to leave on the 9th
  • They arrive home and quickly go to bed; Anguish stays up to try and improve her writing but quickly falls asleep…she has another nightmare.
  • She wakes up relatively early in the morning and hastily puts all her things away and heads downstairs to hide in her room.
  • Everyone else gets up for breakfast; Uruk says he heard about their mission and recommends they secure themselves horses, supplies and perhaps to visit The Travller’s Den for some magical items
  • Anguish bought some bread for the journey, Myri bought some arrows, Khavi bought some alchemical supplies and Xaxi bought some spears
  • Anguish also went to the alchemy shop and had an argument with Angela which she promptly lost
  • They all then visited The Traveller’s Den where they bought some magical items, Xaxi bought a Staff of the Python, Anguish bought a Brooch of Shielding, Myri bought a Boundless Quiver and Khavi bought a ______. They also used some of their group fund to buy a Bag of Holding and a Figurine of Wondrous Power: Silver Raven.
  • (Anguish Only) When they all leave, Anguish notices a tiefling man that she has seen several times throughout town, she moves away from the group and he follows her. After several minuets of avoiding him, she turns around and asks him what he wants.
  • He says that a man named Belrich Bardrum is out for her head, and he has been tasked with finding her; he also knows almost everything about [[: anguish | Anguish]].
  • (Anguish Only) She goes and buys all of the bread rolls from the bakery, which she distributes out to the people in the Waterfront district. There she meets [[: arrak | Arrak]], who, after several minutes of sniffing the bread she gave him for poisons. He tells Anguish his story and says that if she wishes to see him again she should visit ‘The Hovel’. Anguish then returns to the professor’s workshop, seeing her first skyship on the way.



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