MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 8

It Takes Spirit

Ingame Date: 7/8/0530



  • Ghost
  • 2 Spectres

Items Gained

  • -

Session Summary

  • The party travels through town towards the Temple of Nevthar
  • Along the way they enter onto a main road where they see a large group of people moving towards the west exit of the city
  • They stop a halfling woman with three children and ask her where everyone is going; she replies by saying that lots of people don’t feel safe in the west any more after a number of people have been found dead by weapon wounds in the past month or so
  • They arrive to see a large Gothic temple with 2 large statues of the god Nevthar
  • Inside is of a similar design with large pillars and another much larger statue of Nevthar with his arms outstretched, on Nevthar’s left and right are two identical statues of the god Jergul
  • There’re also a large group of acolytes in dark robes preying before the statue, a very tall, elderly man in large robes is addressing them, he is wearing similar robes but with more ornate gold and silver trimmings
  • After the acolytes leave the man approaches and asks the party what their business is at his temple; they tell him that they’re here on behalf of Bakham
  • Realising this, the man introduces himself as Father Morona, the man they were looking for
  • He tells them that the church is having a spirit issue and since, his acolytes aren’t combat trained and he needs someone to deal with the spirits in case they can’t calm them effectively
  • As they descend into the crypts they find a magical barrier, guarded by two acolytes. They give the party some Hallowed Water to sprinkle on the graves of the spirits after they had been defeated.
  • They enter to find a large burial chamber, inside is are 2 pinkish-purple, feral looking undead creatures. There is also another, turquoised coloured, more human looking ghost.
  • The party then tries to reason with the ghost, but to no avail; the ghost then possesses Myri.
  • After a hard battle, several more possessions and Khavi on the brink of death the ghosts are turned into no more than bursts of dust against the walls of the crypt
  • The party then sprinkles the hallowed water onto the physical corpses of the ghost and spectres



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