MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 7


Ingame Date: 6/8/0530 – 7/8/0530


  • Angela
  • Nathaniel Kingston
  • Professor Tiberius Uruk


  • -

Items Gained

  • -

Session Summary

  • Anguish gets drunk in the Flat Lyre
  • (Khavi Only) Khavi overhears a conversation saying that Dalen Ironbrand’s son has recently died and that his wife is distraught
  • The bit with Daewn is non-cannon ok guys
  • Myri carries a very drunk Anguish back to the professor’s house; they eat dinner
  • During dinner Nathaniel asks what the deal with her dream was, Anguish effectively tells him that he burnt her to death after she surrendered to him; Nathaniel is horrified and walks upstairs shivering, the Professor shoots Anguish a glare and follows after him
  • (Anguish Only) Anguish refuses to sleep after her previous night’s turmoil and instead decides to stay up all night and read History books, specifically on the Infernal War. The Professor enters, expecting to find Anguish refusing to sleep, he tells her that Nathaniel had been suffering from similar nightmares for a long time, he offers her some whisky which Anguish happily drinks only to quickly discover that it’s actually the Sleeping Potion
  • They awake and (after a anti-hangover potion from the professor) they set out to the Herbalist’s shop to receive Khavi’s gift
  • Angela greets them and happily gives all of them a reading, seeming very intrigued by everyone’s interesting prophecies
  • Everyone then sets out to find the Temple of Nevthar to speak to Father Morona and find out about their final job



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