MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 6

Hushed Whispers and the Curious Cat

Ingame Date: 6/8/0530


  • Angela
  • Dalen Ironbrand
  • Nathaniel Kingston
  • Professor Tiberius Uruk


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Items Gained

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Session Summary

  • The group; awaken and begin to eat breakfast with the professor where upon he asks where Xaxi & Khavi are from. He’s heard of the Ashari Lands and would like to study them if he ever got the chance. He has also apparently met Valdani, the professor at the Cythium * * Academy of Alchemical Mastery that taught Khavi for several years
    They go to fetch Anguish and find that she’s curled up in a ball in the corner of the room, a scorch mark is on the fall wall; Xaxi attempts to approach her and is swiped at
  • Anguish runs upstairs and pushes Nathaniel onto the table, examining him for something, she does a similar thing to the professor by ripping open his shirt and listening to his heart. * She then runs back downstairs and packs her things, she gets to the door, her friends still in the room, Xaxi tugs at her tail and looks her in the eye. Anguish then drops her stuff then goes upstairs.
  • Xaxi casts detect magic on Anguish’s mask and senses that it has a small amount of dormant illusion magic inside
  • Anguish meanwhile takes the professor upstairs, Khavi following stealthily behind them
    (Anguish & Khavi Only) The professor assumes she didn’t drink the potion; she hadn’t . They speak of how the nightmare was about some kind of beast, Nathaniel was involved in the nightmare and the potion would’ve prevented the nightmare
  • After Anguish has calmed down (thanks to half a bottle of whiskey)
    When the Professor finds Khavi in the main room, he quickly works out that she was listening on the conversation with Anguish
  • Khavi & Anguish then go out shopping; Anguish visits the sweet shop and retrieves a sorry gift for Xaxi after she slashed at her, she then goes to the market where she sees Dalen Ironbrand giving a speech, saying that Lord Belrak was incredibly ill and likely wouldn’t live ‘til the end of the year. Anguish then buys some ingredients and bakes some bread.
  • Khavi visits an alchemy shop where she meets a curly haired woman and her common speaking cat, after finding out that the cat spoke to Khavi, the woman refunds her a little on her purchase and tells her to return later and she’ll give Khavi a small gift
  • When Uruk hears of Dalen becoming lord he realises that he cant stay in town much longer
  • The party then head out to The Flat Lyre, a tavern run by Angus Milac, Ironbrand’s nephew



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