MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 5

Closet Skeletons and Horned Devils

Ingame Date: 5/8/0530


  • Nathaniel Kingston
  • Professor Tiberius Uruk


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Items Gained

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Session Summary

  • Group return to the Professor’s Workshop after saving Renner & Arterta; Nathaniel & the Professor greet them
  • They use the professors magic bath; Xaxi has to use Myri’s tail as a woggle & Khavi is very hesitant to get in; Anguish sits in the opposite corner of the bath and doesn’t say a word
  • Whilst Khavi and Anguish are drying themselves off, Xaxi & Myri explore the rest of the house
  • They enter the professor’s room and find the journal; Xaxi casts detect magic and finds that the book is used to send messages of some kind. She also senses that there is a powerful abjuration magic emanating from the Professor’s chest
  • They begin to write in the book in orcish, asking , ‘Is it done yet?’
  • It replies with; ‘It is nearly finished, a few more weeks, I need to wait for Gomez, my apprentice to go out and fetch supplies before I can work on it though, he cant know!’
  • From what he then went on to say it sounded like they were building some kind of transmutation device
  • The party then leave to sell/purchase some things; they sell the sapphires Xaxi, Myri & Khavi found in the animated armour room in the ruins
  • They then visit the ‘Ironbrand Armaments’ run by another member of the Ironbrand family; there Anguish buys a light crossbow & some bolts, while Xaxi buys a mace
  • They return and eat dinner with Nathaniel & the professor, Anguish raveneously devours the food; Nathaniel jokingly asks how long its been since she ate at a table; Anguish thinks for a moment and then replies with ‘A proper table? I don’t know, like, 15-16 years’
  • Whilst on her way to bed Xaxi is stopped by Nathaniel, who tells her he know that they were in the book; he tells them that the Professor and some elven man that he met only once named Gezeer Faeylar are building some kind of transmutation system, and from the notes he’s seen, it appears to transfer and generate enormous amounts of energy
  • Anguish finds out some real spooky shit about Nathaniel



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