MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 3

Book Buisness

Ingame Date: 2/8/0530 – 4/8/0530


  • Dalen Ironbrand
  • Nathaniel Kingston
  • Professor Tiberius Uruk


  • -

Items Gained

  • Scroll of Feather Fall, Scroll of Cure Wounds, Scroll of Æther Ray (From Uruk)
  • 150gp each (From Uruk)

Session Summary

  • They choose to begin by visiting Professor Tiberius Uruk at his workshop on the outskirts of town
  • They arrive and are greeted by Nathaniel, his apprentice who promptly tells them that they don’t want any leaflets or tomatoes thrown at them
  • Realising that they aren’t salesmen or racists he lets them in, telling them to sit whilst he gets the professor
  • Minutes later the Professor comes bumbling in, nearly face planting as he tries to walk and read until he finally notices the party
  • He tells them that due to his Orcish heritage, many people in the city don’t accept them and abuse him constantly. They had recently took it further by actively stealing from him.
  • He asks that they get back a very important journal from one of his abusers. Dalen Ironbrand, owner of the Iron mines in the city
  • They arrive and Xaxi uses her Wild Shape to scout Dalen’s study, finding him hunched over the book trying to decipher its contents
  • Xaxi & Khavi then create a distraction while Myri sneaks in and steals the journal; but not before she face plants onto the hard stone.
  • They return the book to Uruk and he’s over the moon, giving them some cash and a place to stay in his spare rooms



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