MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 2

The Escapee

Ingame Date: 2/8/0530 – 4/8/0530


  • Ana
  • Bakham Cobal
  • Burin Goldenhold
  • Oswald Anthor


  • Orc
  • Worgs

Items Gained

  • 300 GP, 75 SP, 150 CP (From room with Animated Armour)
  • 4 Sapphires (50gp each, also from room with Animated Armour)
  • 150gp each (From Goldenhold)

Session Summary

  • They find a young Drow woman named Ana locked up in a dungeon of sorts; she’d been captured by the Orcs whilst resting nearby
  • Ana tells them that she is a messenger, hired to deliver an important letter to someone in Daldur
  • As they begin to leave, they hear Otto cry out in pain. They arrive to see that the orc they captured had stabbed Otto whilst he was dressing a wound
  • They run outside to try and catch him only to be ambushed by the orc that escaped and two large Worgs, both Worgs are hidden behind the ruins
  • After speaking to Burin, he tells them that it’s very dire news that Orcs have successfully entered Fador; he asks the girls to seek a dwarvern captain named Bakham Cobal
  • Burin gives them the 150 gold (each) he was going to pay them and 3 of the wagon train’s spare horses. He sends them off to find Cobal in Daldur, also giving them a letter to prove their trustworthiness.
  • After a day or so’s travel they arrive at Daldur with Ana in tow, Ana quickly leaves to find her client
  • They look around and hear that Cobal is at the city barracks
  • They speak to Cobal, he is deeply troubled by the news, but thanks the party for their help and gives them another 150gp each
  • He asks for a favour, as he has ‘too much on my plate already, let along this mess. I have’ne gotten’ne time to do some other ‘little’ jobs around town’



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