MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 15

Arrogance and Ambushes

Ingame Date: 1/9/0530 – 2/9/0530



  • Pit Manton
  • Thugs

Items Gained

Session Summary

  • The party awake, Myri and Edran sit up and play cards, Khavi does experiment downstairs, and Anguish has a horrible hangover, only remembering bits of the previous night, being quite surprised at finding Edran upstairs; the professor looks he hasn’t slept much. Anguish then sneaks out of the house. Curoius of where she’s going and wanting to explore the city, Edran follows her.
  • (Edran and Anguish Only) Edran folows Anguish to the temple of Nevthar, where Anguish sits through a service and begins to talk to Father Morona. Morona gives her an amulet of Nevthar and geins to run her down on what Nevthar stands for and how he is worshipped withinthis church. Anguish takes the amulet and puts it into her cloak, where Morona, uch to his surprise, notices Edran hiding behind one of the pillars; expecting hi to run Morona holds him in place with magic whilst Anguish storms over to him, her claws of the dragon active. Morona, seeing that this could end very badly, seperates the two of them and has them make up, he then sends Edran outside. Him and Anguish talk for a few more minutes until she leaves and tries to lose Edran in the winding side-streets of the city, her efforts are in vain as he arrives back at the workshop mere seconds after Anguish as she slams the door in his face.
  • (Myri Only) Myri goes out to speak to Dalen Ironbrand, the guards don’t let her in at first, but she gets herself a letter from Lord Daldur to get inside. She finds Dalen and asks him about various characters within Daldur; Dalen questions her on her relationship with the professor and why she stole from him. Myri then returned home where she was taught to play cards by Edran.
  • The party sleep
  • They awake and have breakfast; not long after there’s a knock at the door; Nathaniel answers it and tells them that it’s a hooded dwarven man looking for Khavi. Nathaniel opens the door properly to reveal Hjolnar, the man Khavi met not two days before hand. Hjolnar asks the party to come with him to The Hovel, the professor seems very against to them going but lets them all leave without much of a fuss.
  • They arrive at The Hovel, Helga is there waiting for them, along with a large number of patrons of the bar. Hjolnar takes them into the back room, pressing some keys on the piano as he goes. They enter into a side room, kegs of various alcoholic drinks line the walls, as they enter a bookshelf begins to move from its position revealing a trapdoor leading down. Hjolnar gestures for them to follow him as he descends into the darkness.The party follow behind and find themselves, once again, in the sewers of Daldur. Hjolnar leads them through the winding passages into an open chamber where several dozen people, most of which look homeless and frail and busy moving around the room, sharing information and shappening nweapons. Hjolnar then leads them into a back room where they all see a rather flamboyant looking man in a green suit and a red tophat.
  • He introduces himself as The King of Beggars, and tells the party that he is the leader of all the Daldan resistance. He asks the party here what he has to say and then decide whether they want to join him. Hjolnar steps forward and reveals himself as Dalen’s brother; he tells them that Dalen had his father murdered and attempted to have Hjolnar killed too so that he could take up leadership of the family. Hjolnar fled from Dalen, seeing that there way nothing he could do to stop him alone; he’s been plotting Dalen’s downfall for an incomprehensible amount of time.
  • The party, knowing their own hatred for Dalen, and seeing what he’s done to the group and those around them, join with hesitation coming only from Anguish who seems very apprehensive of joining the resistance.
  • The King of Beggars seems thrilled to have the party on board but first asks them to have their strength tested against Pit Manton, a friend of the Beggar King’s. The party defeat Pit, Edran showing great martial prowess. The Beggar King is thrilled to see that they’re so strong and rewards them with free drinks a The Hovel, giving Edran a wink as they all leave.
  • They then spend the next few hours drinking heavily (well…at least Anguish and Edran do), leaving The Hovel fairly late in the night. They move through the winding streets of Dalur’s waterfront district before being ambushed by a group of thugs hired by Dalen Ironbrand.
  • After a fight that was surprisingly easy considering both Edran and Anguish could barely stand, only one thug is left alive as the three are dragged by their collars towards the river by Anguish; who seems to be far crueller than usual on this night. She burns his body badly before trying to throw him into the river. She is stopped by Khavi and Myri who spend a few minutes interrogating him.
  • He tells them that Dalen hired him and his comrades to deal with the party due to their actions previously and that he plans to have the all half-orcs in the city (Uruk especially) hunted down and captured. It’s also mentioned that Dalen has his sights set on the throne of Daldur.
  • Anguish and Edran drag the thug back to The Hovel where he’s killed by Helga and the others. The other bodies are then dumped in the river. The party then returns to the workshop where they find the professor drinking whisky at the table. Edran, Myri and Khavi head downstairs whilst Anguish begins to talk to the professor.
  • (Anguish Only) The professor looks like he hasn’t slept in a week, Anguish recognises the look all too well. She asks him what’s going on and he doesn’t say much, just fiddles with the ring on his left hand. He says that he just wants to sleep and he goes upstairs; knowing what this means Anguish follows him upstairs. He sits at his bed, continuing to fiddle with the ring; two un-drunken potions sit on his cabinet side, Anguish tries many methods to give it to him but he continually refuses, causing Anguish to make several threats of violence that the professor just brushes off, telling her that he deserves whatever’s coming to him. He retells the story of the death of his mother and father, adding parts where he was trained by Gezeer Faeylar and was given the workshop upon the completion of his apprenticeship. He then tells of a woman he met named Lily, and that they were to, at one point be married. Dalen tried to have him killed one day, however the professor was out; he returned to find his fiancée both raped and bled-out on his living room floor. After many more minutes of talking, Anguish manages to get the professor to drink the potion, before drinking one herself and passing out of the professor’s bedroom floor.



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