MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 14


Ingame Date: 16/8/0530 – 31/8/0530



Items Gained

Session Summary

  • The party awaken in a small, stone room. Ana stands in the doorway and greets them. She takes them out of the room, down a long corridor with various shady looking individuals inside. They enter into a much larger chamber with a central table with a perfect light projection of the Infinite Isles on it.
  • She sits and begins to explain how, her organisation, The Couriers, know that very soon, Oricalcos will invade Fador, and without intervention the Fadans will be quickly destroyed. She asks them to try to find out as much information about the orcs as possible. The party, not fully trusting of Ana, refuse her offer. She is understanding and lets them be on their way, using a magical dagger to open up a portal back into Dher Moldir; not before addressing a cloaked figure in the shadows, telling him that ‘He bests be careful’, before he retreats into the shadows.
  • The party step through the portal into the courtyard of Dher Moldir, where they’re almost immediately spotted by riders and the whole fortress erupts into cheers as the party are funnelled towards the Main Hall, dozens of riders and wyverns alike. Allaia comes out of the hall, sees them all and run to embrace them, nearly cracking their ribs as she does so. She takes them inside where the Skymaster is waiting for them.
  • He thanks them deeply for their service and grants them all runes on their hands to aid them in battle. He then says that they should take their knowledge to Lord Daldur and begins to stand. He leads the party into a back room and down a set of stairs into a small storeroom. He presses some bricks on the far wall revealing a small chamber with a runed circle that some of the party recognise as a Circle of Teleportation. Vaidras thanks them once again and sends them back to Daldur.
  • They appear in a small, well decorated chamber with a single exit. They go to leave but are stopped by 2 guards pointing muskets at them. After several minutes of failed negotiations they’re dragged off towards the dungeon for trespassing.
  • Along the way they’re stopped by Daldur’s butler, Rutherford who scolds the guards for their stupidity and bring the party to see Lord Daldur.
  • Daldur enters the room with a younger dwarf, perhaps 14 or 15 in dwarven years, who helps him into his throne. Daldur then thanks the party greatly, showing great concern on their mention of the Earthshaper. He thanks them once again and tells them to go home and rest.
  • As they go to leave Khavi sees the Lord begin to cough uncontrollably, spattering gouts of blood onto the floor.
  • They return to the professor and Nathaniel, they’re both thrilled to see the group.
  • They talk for a bit, skipping over their encounters with Bardrum and Trukash before going to bed.
  • The next few days go by without any real major events, Khavi purchases some more alchemical supplies, Myri buys herself a dress and Anguish listens to Arrak and visits The Hovel, it almost goes south very quickly, but Arrak calls it off.
  • On the 21st of Argihs the party awakens to find that Xaxi has left, leaving some of the money she had and a note saying that she has a mission to complete and can’t get caught up in a war between two nations. The group spend most of the day sitting around not doing much at all. Anguish especially seems very down, but perhaps for other reasons.
  • A couple more days go by with Anguish looking progressively worse, she’s eating fractions of what most people eat (let alone how much she usually does), and looks like she hasn’t slept at all. The professor soon discovers that she hasn’t been drinking the potion and confronts her about it. She doesn’t seem to care and leaves the workshop.
  • Several more days go by, Anguish is sleeping in the Waterfront district, waking up having set things on fire on a day-to-day basis, and progressively getting weaker.
  • (Anguish Only)The Day of the Dead comes around and Anguish speaks to Father Morona after having sat in the pews of his services all week; Morona manages to persuade her to go home and seek her redemption. Anguish, not having slept properly in nearly 2 weeks barely makes it within 200ft of the professor’s workshop before she sees two cloaked figures in white masks walking towards her, one with a pair of daggers, the other with a staff. They chase Anguish and she barely makes it to the professor’s doorstep before one of them sinks a dagger into her side.
  • Khavi and Myri, having been looking for Anguish, return to find her sprawled unconscious outside the workshop. They rush her inside, calling the Professor as they do so who quickly runs down the stairs to find them.
  • Seeing Anguish in Myri’s arms he quickly flings everything off of the table and has Myri set Anguish down. She wakes up and immediately begins to have a panic attack, launching fire bolts at the ceiling. The professor restrains her with magic and manages to calm her down and get her to drink a potion. He then takes her downstairs to her room and sit with her.
  • Whilst the professor is waiting for Anguish to wake, Myri and Khavi go out
  • (Khavi Only) Khavi goes to see Angela to ask if she can teach her how to make the potion herself, Angela tells her that the potion is both alchemical and magical and that she could not make it herself. She then goes and buys some sugared almonds from the Day of the Dead Market; whilst there she sees a group of people painting a mural of a regal looking tiefling woman, Khavi recognises her as Queen Iniza Aflith, the previous queen of Alucard. She also sees another much grander mural being painted of a young, very skinny dwarven boy, stood in front of it is Dalen Ironbrand along with his black-garbed wife, his eldest son Emrig and his daughter Marlyl; Khavi avoids them.
    She sees a man dwarven man in a black cloak gesturing towards her to follow. She does so. They enter into a narrow ally and the man takes off his hood; he introduces himself has Hjolnar; someone who ’doesn’t much like Dalen’ and asks Khavi to come to The Hovel some time, he then leaves.
  • (Myri Only) Myri gets Anguish some bread for when she gets up then goes for a wander through the northern, richer section of town: it reminds her very much of her home. Out of the corner of her eye she spots someone looking at her in the shadows. She goes to investigate and finds Mechar, who quickly apologises. He says that he’s sorry for his actions with Bardrum. Myri leaves him alone.
  • Myri and Khavi, after finishing go to enjoy the festivities as much as possible
  • (Anguish Only) Anguish eventually wakes to find herself in her room with the professor sitting nearby; he quickly notices and hands her some food and water which Anguish nibbles on. They then head upstairs and chat for a while; that chatting quickly evolves into the two of them baking a cake, then helping Anguish with her writing; this seems to cheer them both out of their very depressed states. They then decide to head out and have a friendly drink together at The Hovel.
    They spend a few hours at The Hovel; the professor drinks a little, Anguish however gets absolutely smashed; Helga eventually sends them both on their way as she wants to take part in the late night Day of the Dead festivities, giving them a bottle of firebrand whisky to go with.
  • They begin to head home, upon which they meet Edran, the Elven man seen in the party’s vision, he claims to have seen Anguish in a vision too. The professor offers him Xaxi’s room at the workshop.
  • Nathaniel, Myri and Khavi find the Professor, Edran and Anguish on the bridge, having been worried where they’d gone. The professor introduces Edran to the group and they head back.
  • On arrival Anguish finishes the cake with Edran before the professor takes her downstairs where she can get to sleep with the potion: the others soon follow.



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