MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 13

It All Caves In

Ingame Date: 14/8/0530 – 15/8/0530



Items Gained

Session Summary

  • Myri is awoken by the young girl Ara.
  • They wonder what to do; Myri going outside to think.
  • After a few minutes a fissure opens up under Myri’s feet, sending her plummeting into a newly formed opening in the earth
  • The others try to help her by sending a rope down into the ravine, tying it to a torch sconce. It quickly tears the sconce off of the wall sending the rest of the party into the pit..
  • They find themselves in a cavern filled with Earthshaped beasts; using a ledge and some stealth, the party sneak their way around the earthshaped and into a further cavern.
  • Inside they find an enormous orc monk meditating on the floor at the far end of the room; he stands and introduces himself as Earthshaper Trukash and attacks the party.
  • After a hard fight they whittle Trukash down; he is on the ground with Anguish slowing approaching him. He stands once more and flexes his muscles and a small surge of energy comes from his body seemingly renewing him. He places his hands together gently and a huge wall of stone blocks off most of the room, leaving a small hole for him to smile cruelly at Anguish. Anguish then launches another Magic Missile at Trukash who swats them out of the air with ease. He then places his hands against the back wall of the cave opens up a 100ft+ long tunnel without even batting an eye. He looks back at the party and taunts the briefly before bounding off in the tunnel as the cavern begins to shake violently.
  • The party begin to run, many of the party falling several dozen feet into a pit and using her last arrow of travelling, Myri saves them.
  • When they arrive at where they fell Anguish is the only one left concious, dragging her friends along with her before being knocked out by a falling rock…the whole party is dying .
  • They all awake in a dark open space with three pedestals, each holding their treasured trinket. The Alabaster Mask, the Bone Pipes, the Music Box and the Droplet Earring. They approach and touch their trinket seeing their lives flash before them in a series of images. They then fall into the image of a hoard of orcs attacking a quickly crumpling army of dwarves, it then changes to an image of three lizard like eyes glaring at them all, each eyelid a different colour: one red, one green and one white.
  • It then fades to black…



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