MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 12

Subtelty and Stone

Ingame Date: 14/8/0530 – 15/8/0530



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Items Gained

Session Summary

  • Party is given a brief tour of Dher Moldir by Allaia
  • They enter into the Arcanium where they meet Malgrum Hjoldain, an ex-member of the Aurora Society and arcanist at Dher Moldir; he quickly understands Xaxi’s connection to the Ashari Lands and speaks of his time studying it. Xaxi asks to see his notes in private the next day.
  • They go to the mess hall where they meet Mara, a burly half-orc woman, who seems to be the cook for the fortress; the party are surprised by this as people of orc dissent are often highly persecuted. Mara tells them that ‘the ones at Dher Moldir aren’t ALL bigots’. They take a little left over bread and head to bed.
  • They wake; Khavi and Anguish go to the mess hall to gather some food for them to eat in their rooms whilst Xaxi goes to the arcanary to speak to Malgrum.
  • (Khavi Only) Khavi enters into the rider and wyvern filled mess hall, Anguish in tow; whilst Anguish is acquiring some food, Khavi begins to listen in on the conversations around her. She overhears a conversation between Allaia and a couple of other riders about how for several weeks Dher Moldir has been under attack from an Earthshaper, who is creating vast quantities of Earthshaped beasts to attack; they are unsure whether it is a large group of Earthshapers, or one absurdly powerful one.
  • (Xaxi Only) Xaxi returns to Malgrum who gives her some of his notes; they mostly list things that she already knows aside from her now knowing that the magic within the mist is created by an external magical source
  • Khavi and Anguish return to their quarters, Xaxi not far behind, and they begin to eat. Anguish approaches Myri‘s room and asks her whether she’s awake. She replies saying that she is incredibly ill; Anguish gives her a sleeping potion so that she can sleep through it.
  • A while later Allaia enters and takes the party (minus Myri) to see Skymaster Alforok; as they approach the main hall they see another dwarf walking down the steps glaring at them, he briefling insults the party and walks off; Allaia says that his name is Palthus and that he’s both an asshole, and the Skymaster’s son.
  • They enter into a large chamber, several banners bearing the symbol of the Wyvern Riders line the pillars of the room. Sat in a stone throne further along is Skymaster Alforok, his enormous Wyvern Vissak behind him.
  • They hand him the letter and he shows great concern reading it; he thanks them for their service but says that he can’t spare any riders yet as Dher Moldir has been under attack for weeks by the Earthshaped. He elaborates on the Earthshaped and their creators, telling the party how they’re Orcish Monks from Oricalcos and that they use their earth powers to create Earthshaped monsters.
  • Continues to speak until they hear a loud crash outside. Both Alforok and Allaia both immediately jump into action, mounting their wyverns and dashing outside. The party follows suit, seeing enormous boulders flying across the sky above them; seeing many people rushing into the towers the party decides to follow them and grab the sleeping Myri along the way.
  • They grab Myri and run downstairs into the safe house, placing her in a small corner. A young Eladrin girl by the name of Ara asks Anguish whether she’s going to be ok.



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