MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 11


Ingame Date: 14/8/0530



  • Wyvern

Items Gained

Session Summary

  • The party awake and begin to move onward
  • After an hour or so of travel they find themselves lost in the quickly thickening forest
  • As Xaxi begins to lead them back on track, they come across a shrine to the god Malatuum in the centre of a glade; the shrine is decorated with the skulls of several dwarves.
  • They continue onward, wary of their surroundings, eventually finding their way back onto the right path
  • Several hours pass and the party begins to start thinking about finding a spot to set up camp, until they hear a roar above them as a winged beast flies over their head. It loops over their heads and goes into a dive towards the party; they take off on their horses.
  • It lands in front of the group, it is a scaled creature with a long neck and tail, it’s arms and wings are fused as one set of limbs. It snarls at the party, bearing its sharp fangs and long forked tongue; Xaxi recognises the creature as a wild wyvern.
  • They are forced into a long fight with the wyvern in which Khavi is lifted off of her horse and carried several hundred feet into the air. Myri uses a masterfully placed shot to shoot the wyvern out of the sky, sending Khavi plummeting down towards the ground.
  • Khavi falls over 100ft before another group of wyverns dart across the sky, picking Khavi right out of the air. Khavi looks up and sees a large black wyvern being ridden by a tall woman who smiles down at her.
  • The three wyverns and their riders land, the woman pdropping Khavi as gently as possible onto the ground. The woman steps off of the wyvern, taking off her helmet and revealing her long, strawberry blonde hair. She asks the party what the were doing out in these parts; they tell her about the letter they’re to give to Skymaster Alforok. She chooses to believe the party and offers to guide them to the outpost.
  • They travel for about an hour, upon which they find a small tower guarded by a wyvern and its rider. The group put their horses into a small stable and reluctantly mount the wyverns. Khavi goes with the woman, Xaxi and Anguish go with a dwarvern man named Derstal and Myri climbs onto a much larger wyvern with a large, burly human rider named Karll.
  • They take off, Anguish keeping her eyes closed the whole time, Zarzire burying himself into her shirt so he doesn’t fly away. The wyverns fly upward towards the mountains.
  • As they turn around a corner Dher Moldir is in sight; it is a tall, stone fortress sitting in the mountains. They wyverns begin to fly towards it, climbing ever higher as they do.
  • They reach a point where the party are beginning to wonder why they’ve climbed so high; the woman looks back at Khavi and tells her to hold on a little tighter as the three wyverns stop beating their wings simultaneously, beginning to spiral towards the ground. Anguish and Xaxi just bearly leaning over the side before they violently throw up.
  • Just before they hit the ground the wyverns spin out of the dive and fly right through the gates of the fortress making a skidding landing onto the cobble ground.
  • They dismount, most of the party having some difficulty. The woman turns towards the group, her helmet off once more, she welcomes them to Dher Moldir and introduces herself as Sky Guardian Alaia del Toria.



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