MELF D&D - Fadan Legends

Session 10

Revenge of a Bandit

Ingame Date: 8/8/0530-13/8/0530



Items Gained

Session Summary

  • Anguish returns from her ‘walk’, she eats very little. Myri asks whether she’s ok, Anguish says she’s fine.
  • Anguish goes for a bath, in which Xaxi sneaks into her room and finds fuck all, other than the dagger under her pillow.
  • (Anguish Only): goes upstairs to do some writing and speaks to the professor; he gives her 12 days of potions and tells her that Angela is right and she is not one to be meddled with.
  • The Professor goes to bed; Anguish writes a thankyou card for the whisky and places it in the professor’s workshop. She then goes to sleep with the potion
  • They leave; saying goodbye to the professor, as they turn the corner they’re met by two guards who tell them that they have been sent by Bakham to escort them to the edge of town. On arrival they are gifted horses by a stableman and Bakham tells them that to get to Dher Moldir; they need to effectively follow the river all the way up through the forest until they reach the outpost; where the riders will take them up to Dher Moldir.
  • As they begin to leave they see Ana gallop past on a horse
  • They leave the city; their first day is uneventful. However, Anguish does befriend a tiny field mouse that she names Zarzire.
  • Day two goes by uneventful up until the night; Myri is on second watch and falls asleep. She wakes up and is immediately knocked unconscious by something blunt and heavy.
  • Myri and Xaxi are the first to wake; realising that they’re tied to a rock with a potato sack on their heads.
  • Anguish then awakens to a man holding a dagger against her chin. The man reveals himself as Belrich Bardrum, the man who was revealed to be after Anguish not days before. The sack is then taken off of her head and she sees a Bardrum stood right in front of her; the tiefling that warned her a ways behind him, another woman, a drow with long ginger her stands smiling cruelly off to his left.
  • Bardrum reveals that the reason for his hunting of Anguish was due to her killing his younger brother by burning him to death. Anguish does not specifically remember this.
  • Bardrum then instructs Phyra, the drow to begin torturing Anguish. She places her hands on Anguish’s head and begins to invade her mind, causing immense pain.
  • After a minute or so of this; Myra taps into her new found Spiritual power, granting her the ability to summon a spectral giant eagle. She then breaks the ropes with the flex of her muscles and proceeds to (with some help from the eagle and Xaxi) annihilate Bardrum and his companions.
  • Anguish approaches Phyra and proceeds to rip out her throat. She is about to do the same to Bardrum upon which he crunches down on something in his teeth and disappears entirely, taking Phyra’s body with him.
  • She decides to leave the tiefling alive; he then reveals his name to be Mechar as he limps into the distance.
  • They rest for a while before continuing on; they say almost nothing for the rest of the day.
  • Upon the change of watches, Xaxi begins to ask Anguish who Bardrum was and what he wanted. They then begin to argue with one another.



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